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This website provides information about the technology services offered by Computer Guidance Service, Inc., so check back often for the latest updates.  You can also get also get more details and info by calling (630) 325-2410 and speaking to us directly.  Thank you for your interest in CGS!

Computer Services for Businesses & Professionals

Computer Guidance Service, Inc. offers high quality, professional, and cost effective computer management, support, and training services.  Our clients range from individual professionals to small and medium sized businesses to large organizations.  We work together with our clients to determine how CGS may be of service to them and we then tailor our services to meet each client's technology objectives and budget.

Whether you're an executive looking for individual computer coaching, a business manager or owner who needs guidance in defining and implementing a technology action plan, or other professional or administrative person who would like to brush up on certain computer skills, CGS can fill the role of experienced and reliable technology partner.

Here's a sample of what we offer.  Be sure to call (630) 325-2410 for details.

Systems Management & Administration
Today's business computer systems need to be properly planned, purchased, installed, configured and maintained to achieve maximum effectiveness at minimum cost.  At CGS, this is a core competency. We have solid, long-term experience in many areas of Information Technology, from PC to mainframe hardware, software development & programming to networking technologies. Simply put, we have the know-how to effectively bring together the many aspects of technology and we've been doing so for many years.

Hardware, Software & Network Support
These three elements are the core of all computer systems and experience is the key to support. With 16 years of experience, you can be confident CGS can handle system upgrades, software installation and network configuration.

Vendor & Service Provider Management
Did you ever wish you could get a second opinion about what a technology provider was telling you or trying to sell you?  Well with Computer Guidance Service, Inc. you can.  CGS can be your objective technology eyes and ears, providing confirmation of other technology information or services you may be receiving. And as extra bonus we know how to communicate complex technical subject matter to almost anyone whatever their level of technical understanding.

Individual or Group Technology Training & Coaching
Teaching others about technology, and how to most effectively use technology, are services at which CGS also excels. Whether you're looking for one-on-one or group training services Computer Guidance Service, Inc. can deliver the appropriate technology education services.

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